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A little bit about our company

As a professional scaffolding erector, we provide an exceptionally reliable scaffold erecting and dismantling service and pride ourselves on our reputation for maintaining the highest health and safety standards. Below are a few reasons for why you should choose us:

  • Have been trading for 11 years.
  • Provide references on request.
  • Have over 20 years’ experience in the industry.
  • Supply testimonials from previous customers.
  • All work is guaranteed.

We have worked hard to become one of Chichester’s leading scaffolding companies and want you to use us as your preferred scaffolders. We undertake work for the following:

  • Domestic homeowners.
  • Commercial clients.
  • Construction and building projects.
  • Industrial woks.
  • Heritage projects.
  • Hospitals and schools.
  • Maritime and river scaffolds.
  • Cathedrals and churches.
  • Pubs, clubs, and shops.

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Scaffolding Chichester

Why we are your go-to scaffolding firm:

We pride ourselves on providing all our customers with exceptional scaffolding services. Here is a short list of why else you should use us for your scaffolding hire:

  • Free no obligation quotation and site visits.
  • Secure structures.
  • Local established firm.
  • RAMS supplied.
  • CITB and CSCS qualified scaffolders and office staff.
  • British standard materials used on all jobs.
  • All scaffolds erected and dismantled quickly.
  • We apply for all pavement licences.
  • £10million public and employers liability insurance.

We like to ensure that our chichester scaffolding hire clients receive fair and honest pricing and that is why we aim to never be beaten on our prices. We will visit site to thoroughly go over your access requirements to be sure we are pricing exactly what you need. Our costs will include the erection, dismantle and hire period (4 weeks hire as standard unless agreed otherwise).

We like to pride ourselves on continuously giving every single client we deal with the best possible service. Director Andy May likes to build lasting working relationships with everyone who uses our scaffolding Chichester service. You can rely on Andy and his team of qualified erectors to supply and erect access platforms to the very highest standards.

Safety is our number one priority when erecting access platforms and we have a team of skilled officers that continually check legislation to make sure we are always compliant in all aspects of health and safety and this includes erecting all scaffolds to TG20 standards, ensuring all scaffolders are fully trained, have the correct qualifications and wear the correct PPE at all times.

Some of the Sussex scaffolding services we offer:

Putlog scaffolding

Our scaffolding company offers a putlog scaffolding service which is primarily used on new builds and construction sites. Our putlog platforms use a 5ft tube with a putlog adaptor attached to it which is inserted onto or into the brickwork. Using a putlog means the scaffolds are resting on the newly built progressive brick and blockwork.


We also provide our scaffolding Chichester customers a few different types of staircases, and these can be erected using the traditional steel tubes, couplers and boards method or we can also install Haki staircases which we can build within or adjacent to the structure. For more information about our staircases and what would best suit your project, please just ask.

Construction projects

Our scaffolding Chichester teams also provide various options for new housing construction sites including progressive brickwork scaffolds, loading bays, edge protection and internal birdcages, a guaranteed quick turnaround plus health and safety inspections of the platforms and alarms if needed. We also provide our service for one off new builds and new extensions.

Chimney scaffolds

If you need access to the base of your chimney or require a working lift around all four sides of the stack itself, then our specialist firm can quickly erect safe access platforms to get you up to where you need to be. Regardless of whether you are removing a chimney or repairing the lead flashing or flue our scaffolds will enable you to get the job done safely. Why struggle off unsafe ladders when you can hire Chichester’s top scaffolding company.

Domestic scaffolds

Does your residential property need repair works or improvements to it? Then our scaffolding Chichester domestic services would be appropriate for you! Our experienced scaffolders can put-up working platforms around any size and shape property, providing you with access to your windows and walls for repairs or general painting and decorating, to access your gutters, soffits, and fascia’s or for a loft conversion or construction of a new extension.

Commercial access

Commercial scaffolds can vary a lot and our Chichester scaffolders have the experience and skills to create different solutions for any type of commercial building. Our commercial scaffolding services include platforms to shop fronts, large scale handrail edge protection to warehouse units and 6 board wides access scaffolds around office blocks, churches, and cathedrals plus much more.

Temporary roofs

If you are building a new house, re-roofing a property or have specialised external works to perform on any type of building that you want to keep dry from the rain and wind then a temporary roof canopy may be suitable for you. Our Sussex scaffolding company is highly qualified in creating theses type of weather proofing structures. You can find out more about our temporary roofs by calling us.

Cantilever platforms

Our Chichester scaffolding erectors also specialise in erecting cantilever scaffolds for when you are trying to gain access to areas that are unable to take any weight or have obstacles in the way or where traditional scaffolds are just not suitable. A cantilever construction is built so that it does not bear weight on a building. Find out more about our cantilever scaffolds by getting in touch.

How much do you charge for scaffolding hire in Chichester?

This can be a tricky question, and this is because each project is different, and we would need to know a little bit more information to be able to provide you with a definitive price. As a very rough guide our standard scaffolding Chichester rates usually start around the £16-£25 per metre mark depending how high the scaffolds needs to go.

However, the following information would help us to provide an exact scaffolding Chichester quotation:

  • Location of project?
  • Do you know what type of scaffold you need?
  • How many sides of the building do you need to access?
  • How many storeys is the property?
  • What works are you doing?
  • When do you require the scaffolds to be erected?
  • How long you would need it for?

Once we have all of this information we can then give you a definitive scaffolding hire price.

Temporary roof scaffold structure

Approx. rates as of January 2022

We have also created a guide below to help you see what our prices can start from for basic scaffolds in West Sussex in 2022, but please note this is just a *rough guide*:

Bungalow (single lift)

One side:

From £250

Two sides:

From £450

Three sides:

From £650

Four sides:

From £800

2 storey property (3 lifts to gutter height)

One side:

From £300

Two sides:

From £600

Three sides:

From £900

Four sides:

From £1200

3 storey property

One side:

From £350

Two sides:

From £700

Three sides:

From £1150

Four sides:

From £1400

Metre rate

Base out:

From £14-£25

Second lift:

From £14-£25

Third lift:

From £16-£26

Fourth lift:

From £18-£30

We also provide:

Below are other services, materials, and equipment we also offer our customers in West Sussex.

Debris netting

Depending on the type of access scaffold you require, you may need debris netting installed around the external perimeter of the frame. Our scaffolding Chichester company will supply and install this all for you. Debris netting is made from a heavy-duty plastic polyethylene and helps keep dust and debris from leaving the contained area.

Scaffolding supplies

Occasionally we have supplies of scaffolding for sale from our West Sussex depot, and this can include new and used timber scaffold boards, tube, and couplers, which we we can deliver straight to your door. Please ask us about availability and costings by contacting our scaffolding Chichester office who can inform of what stocks we currently have.

Scaffold towers

If you feel that a traditional tube and fitting construction is not suitable for your project, then you may wish to opt for our moveable aluminium scaffold towers. We are now selling mobile aluminium towers at various heights and widths to suit your requirements. Towers are ideal for works such as internal painting, external maintenance plus much more.

Scaffold ladder

When using our scaffolding Chichester services, we include with every job a ladder, and these are so that you can reach your working platforms safely. Our ladders are bright orange and made from heavy duty steel. If you require an additional ladder, please ask one of our scaffolders.

Scaffold hoists

Some work may require hoisting up materials or equipment to enable you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently. We have a range of hoists to suit your needs, and these include gin rope and wheels, electric winches, or passenger and goods hoist which our scaffolding erectors will install for you.

Scaffolding licence

If you have a property that is on a public footpath or highway then a West Sussex scaffolding licence is compulsory. This is something a scaffolding erector must apply for on your behalf as insurance is required and most scaffolding companies have 10million public liability insurance to cover this. We will include the price for the license within our quotation.

Scaffolding inspection

Once our scaffold erectors have put up your structure and signed it off, and depending on how long you hire our scaffolds for, then you might need us to pop back so we can give the working lifts a full inspection. This is to ensure it is still safe and fit for purpose. We generally offer a 7-day inspection service to all scaffolding Chichester customers.

Scaffolding alarms

We also supply plus install alarms to our scaffolds. Many of our clients require scaffold alarms to be installed, and this is to help keep the frame safe, prevent anyone accessing the building and climbing the structure. Our alarm service uses state of the art technology to deter trespassers and inform you of any problems.

Scaffold design

We can also provide a scaffold design service if required and this may be needed when more complex scaffolds need erecting. We use a very experienced scaffold designer who will use CAD software to create the drawings and ensure load calculations comply with NASC TG20:13 standards.

Scaffolding erectors
Scaffolders talk

Below we have listed some terms (jargon) you may hear being used by scaffolders and maybe unsure what they mean. These are just a few of the most common words within our industry:

 A standard or upright is a long tube that is set vertically that connects the bulk of the structure to the ground. The end of an upright or standard is fixed to a baseplate and a ledger tube and this helps spread the weight that each upright standard can carry.

A platform or as it is often called a working platform is the section in which scaffolding companies erect for you to work from. A platform is generally made from wooden boards resting on transoms which are fixed to the framework by our scaffolding erectors to create a very safe platform and working environment.

Couplers which are also known as fittings are made from the toughest steel and the couplers are what attaches the tubes together. Our scaffolding Chichester firm uses a variety of different couplers including swivels, single couplers and double fittings. The couplers are fixed and tightened by qualified scaffolders using a spanner or an impact driver (drill).

A ledger is the tube that runs horizontally between the standards. A ledger creates extra support and weight distribution to the scaffolds frame. Transoms are then connected to the ledger tubes.

This is a type of structure that is used by scaffolding erectors when you need to bridge a framework over an obstacle or building. For example, you would bridge over a garage or a conservatory which cannot be touched or have any type of load bearing on to it. Bridging is where a scaffolder can create a small structure either side of the obstacle and then use aluminium beams for bridging over the top so that our Chichester scaffolders can then build the framework up from there.

Most scaffolding companies supply gin wheels which are usually attached to the very top of a tower and are used to move equipment and materials from the ground up.  A gin wheel has an eye bolt that fits over a tube and has a thick rope that runs through the gin wheel to pull items up, it can take a load that weighs 1/5 of the user’s body weight.

Transoms are fixed using single couplers by scaffolders on to the top of a ledger, the transoms then support the timber boards that are used as the working platform.

Tubes, poles or pipes are made from galvanised steel. The tubes our erectors use come in various sizes including 5ft,8ft,10ft,13ft,16ft and 21ft lengths. Scaffold tubes are used to create the main framework including the ledgers, transoms and standards.

The timber boards our scaffolding Chichester team supply are made from European white wood, and all the boards we use have metal end bands to prevent the ends of the boards from splitting. These are used as the base of the platform where you work from and the boards are secured to the frame with toe boards clips, board couplers or limpet clamps to ensure the boards do not tip or move about.

Check out our frequently asked questions

We have to apply to West Sussex council for the licence as it is not something individuals can do.

Current costs are:

£190 for the 1st calendar month

£127 for every additional calendar month

*Prices are correct as of January 2022 but maybe subject to change*

Yes, if you find that you need scaffolding erectors in a rush then you can contact us 24/7. We can offer you emergency scaffolding Chichester assistance as we have a lot of experience in supplying access for buildings that have become unsafe due to adverse weather or an accident. We will respond to your access requirements quick and arrange fast solutions.

You can but it is not as safe or as secure as a solid galvanised steel scaffold structure. You will find scaffolds are 100% more stable and offers a larger working area when trying to access and work from heights.

Chichester scaffolding erectors use the highest quality British standard galvanised steel tube along with metal fittings (including single and double couplers, sleeves, and swivels) to erect the framework and then use timber scaffold boards to create a safe working platform. Other materials may be used depending on what type of scaffolds you require erecting.

We have a large team of scaffolders and erectors plus a big fleet of vehicles available so we are generally able to fit a new scaffolding Chichester project in the very next day or on occasion the very same day.

Yes, we have 10m public and employee liability insurance should the unfortunate ever happen.

Although we specilaise in erecting scaffolding in Chichester, we also offer our services to customers throughout West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and London. So, if you have a project that is not local please still contact us for a price.

Yes, all scaffolders that are employed by the Chichester scaffolding company hold a CISRS card.

Use a specialist firm in Chichester for your scaffolding hire project.

If you want a professional and highly skilled scaffolder to complete your scaffolding Chichester projects then we are the guys to contact. Please give us a call, email or you can submit your details through the website to receive a free quote. You can trust in our company to deliver a secure and safe service.